Here is a sample eviction letter/message that you can use if you send a notification to your landlord. While in most countries, 30 days` notice is sufficient, others are stricter and require 60 days` notice to evacuate. For example, in California, landlords are required to give 60 days` notice to tenants who have lived in an apartment for more than a year. Many large cities also have similar requirements. What: This message gives your tenant the right warning so that they can either comply with the terms of your contract or leave the property before continuing the eviction procedure. Moving to a new apartment can be an exciting change. However, before you evacuate your current home, you need to make sure that you have provided your landlord with the correct notification, in accordance with your rental agreement and NYC rent laws. The New York Lease Termination Letter Form is a legal document that can be used by either the landlord or the tenant to provide the 30-day notice period required for the evacuation of the premises. Each party may transmit this communication to the other and it is considered a sufficient legal indication to evacuate. The document is easy to understand and comprehensive.

Please contact me immediately to arrange a tour and inspection of the apartment. Please also inform me of the date of refund of my deposit in the amount of dollars (amount indicated in your rental agreement). In addition, I ask you to provide me, within two days of your visit, with a detailed list of deductions you will make from my deposit for repairs and damages that go beyond normal wear and tear. Even if your landlord or manager doesn`t need formal termination to evacuate, it`s probably in your best interest to send one anyway. It`s always a good idea to write your landlord a kind 30-day release notification. Please note that this letter is my written notice (30, 60 or 90) days notice in accordance with my rental agreement, dated (insert date) that I will leave my apartment when my lease ends (insert rental date). (Or enter the date you want to evacuate.) If the time has come to move out of your apartment, you should give your landlord the right legal notice, as you request in your rental agreement. For example, different communications are required for non-payment of rent and improper behavior or any other breach of the rental agreement or lease.

In cases other than non-payment issues, a written notification should always be sent, but the type of notification and the amount of warning you need to give varies. The Notice to Vacate varies from area to area in New York City, and the time currently available for compliance or evacuation may vary as well. However, for most offences that do not involve non-payment, this form is sufficient as a notification of expulsion. When: Make this notification by mail, in person, or by posting prominently at the tenant`s door if a tenant violates the terms of your lease or rental agreement. You can only take new evacuation measures after the notification period has expired. If you live in one of the counties of the Eighth Judicial District, you can learn more about the correct eviction notification in your district, visit Who: Put this New York notice to any tenant who violates the lease or lease. Many home managers use property management software to keep an overview of rental income and notice periods. A landlord or manager in New York can use the New York Landlord Notice to Vacate if they want a tenant to evacuate the property at the end of their lease (or leave in 30 days or more if there is no lease). Tenants can use the New York Tenant Notice to Vacate to notify homeowners and home managers at least 30 days before the pickup date or more, if necessary under the terms of their New York lease, of their intention to evacuate the building.

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