High quality Aloevera seedlings are available from us. The specifications of Aloevera baby plants are as follows – Aloevera details: Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant that grows 2ft per year. Aloe vera is a stemless or very short plant that grows 24 to 40 inches tall and the leaves are about 4 inches wide. The leaves are thick and fleshy and green to gray. The leaves are peeled and a viscous liquid is found. Aloe Vera leaves are also used in the manufacture of cucumbers, vegetables, chyawanprash, etc. The edge of the leaf is dense and has small white teeth/spines. It is a medicinal plant. A contract between a farmer and a seller in which the seller undertakes to buy the property back from the buyer when a given event occurs within a specified period of time. In this agreement, we are dealing with farmers for the cultivation of medicinal plants; the conditions apply per harvest. Aloevera Anbau in India & Aloevera Contract Farming: We implement effective systematic processes at every stage to ensure the development of the product range in accordance with the specified requirements. Our fast transit facilities allow us to easily meet the delivery times expected of customers. We are dedicated to the development of farmers and the empowerment of women through agriculture and skills development.

We offer advice every step of the way towards farmers` growth. The main problem facing the farmer is how he would be able to sell his own crop, and his big question is solved by a buyback agreement. We have extended our contract culture model to many countries in Southeast Asia and Africa. As a responsible industry, SAMI LABS recognizes the importance of:- All plant descriptions according to our experiences and information on the site, production displays in minimal quantities. The organization is not responsible for all kinds of mistakes made by the farmer. Farmers are fully responsible for their production. Production can vary due to climate change, soil types, water pH and other environmental conditions. SAMI LABS ventured into breeding medicinal plants almost a decade and a half ago. Although we had humble beginnings with a handful of farmers, we have made considerable progress in this area over years of long-standing efforts.

Right now, we have a very large group of farmers who grow medicinal plants on thousands of hectares in different states. We have set up a unique contract farming model in which our friends are seen as our partners by our farmers. Sami Labs offers the opportunity to committed farmers interested in growing medicinal plants. Farmers can contact us with details of their land, such as extent, location, soil type, rainfall details, etc. The details of the medicinal plants grown in the agricultural sector also help us to choose the plants to grow. For more details and requests, send us an e-mail to agriculture@samilabs.com Â. .