In signing the agreement, Mr. Trudeau promised that Canada`s efforts to combat climate change “will not stop.” The implementation of the Canada-wide framework for clean climate growth and change, the government`s climate strategy, continues; However, the pandemic has resulted in some delays in the continued implementation or implementation of regulations. Changes in transportation regulatory measures have also been affected by uncertainty related to recent cancellations of fuel consumption standards for cars and light trucks in the United States, to which Canadian standards are adapted. The last challenge to the Trans Mountain pipeline was rejected by the country`s Supreme Court in July. The government said it would use some of the pipeline`s revenues to cover the cost of its commitment to plant two billion trees over the next 10 years. Nature-based solutions can contribute to the fight against climate change if they are parified by initiatives to decarbonize the economy and not to expand the development of fossil fuels. The green recovery of the measures implemented so far has hardly been sustained. Much of Canada`s $200 billion CoVID 19 stimulus package focuses on helping affected individuals and businesses deal with the immediate health and economic effects of the pandemic. The package provided CAD 2.5 billion to support the oil and gas sector to clean up orphaned and inactive wells and reduce volatile methane emissions. Depending on the structure of this support, it could undermine the polluter pays principle. 330 million CAD have also been allocated to the country`s airports.

It is positive that large employers seeking assistance must publish annual reports on the disclosure of climate-related financial information and explain how they contribute to the implementation of Canadian NDCs and other Paris commitments. The government has also released some resources to redistribute food and avoid food waste. The Paris Agreement also recognizes the importance of avoiding, minimizing and combating losses and damage from the effects of climate change and urges the parties to cooperate with other agencies and expert groups to improve understanding, measures and assistance in the area of loss and damage. Environment and Climate Change Canada is the Government of Canada that is the leader in international and national climate change.