Rondeau`s concept of unionism is enshrined in HUCTW`s unique contract with Harvard. The agreement is primarily a statement of values and principles, not the development of rules and procedures. On Thursday, March 19, 2015, a huctw election will be held for representatives of the 2015 negotiating team. An elected official from each of the university`s five regions will join elected officers and HUCTW organizing officers to participate in the negotiations of a new agreement that will come into force on October 1, 2015. All union members have the right to vote, but they must bring their Harvard IDs or other photo IDs to the polling station. The five regions and polling stations are listed below. If you are unsure of the region or where to vote on March 19, call HUCTW`s office or email (617-661-8289, Candidates will be announced shortly after March 5, 2015. The union – Harvard University of Clerical and Technical Workers – represents approximately 5,100 Harvard employees who work primarily in libraries, laboratories and faculty offices. The contract, which replaces a contract that expired almost a month ago, will be binding for the next three years. Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers 15 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 (tel) 617-661-8289 (Fax) 617-661-9617 (e-mail) McArthur wrote, for example, in early 1992 a strange letter to his faculty on the “somewhat innovative approach or philosophy” of the 1989 employment contract.

“Most people [faculty]” in his school “were never closely involved in” the negotiations, he noted firmly and added that they “did not know exactly what was discussed or agreed in this area. Nor was there an opportunity to explore with everyone the consequences that this might have. In a timid manner, McArthur said the new approach seems “very constructive and reasonable,” but his pointed references to lack of participation were clearly directed at Dunlop. We hope you find these materials interesting and useful. And as always, you can contact HUCTW with ideas or questions at l` or 617-661-8289. On October 16, 2018, Harvard University and Harvard University of Technical and Technical Workers (HUCTW) reached an interim agreement on an estate contract, which was ratified by an overwhelming majority by membership on December 4, 2018. The new contract will come into force on 1 October 2018 and will run until 30 September 2021, the main provisions are: in a joint statement, representatives of HUCTW and the university wrote that the agreement not only guarantees annual increases, but also improves “a number of political issues of common interest to the Union and the University.” Without this activity, HUCTW could soon become an empty shell. Harvard`s workforce has a high turnover rate – nearly 20% per year – and the union continues to organize new employees. In accordance with HUCTW`s “Agency” agreement, workers are not required to join the union, although non-members are required to pay agency fees for regular fees, unless they object. Instead of treating non-members as outcasts, HUCTW tries to maintain friendly relations. Staff and meeting organizations are always looking forward to someone announcing that after a few months or even years of patient effort, they have signed up and signed up. On average, nearly 80% of eligible workers join the union.

The union expresses its values in a kind of litany: “We take care of each other. We always treat each other with kindness and respect. It`s important to have a sense of humor. But it is not a hollow litany; HUCTW executives strive to respect the principles in practice. As a visitor to staff meetings, I have not yet attacked or chastised anyone, but I have spoken belligerently or expressed acute disagreements. But this is not a polite society club. The union makes difficult decisions on the basis of a wide range of opinions that are tirelessly modified, refined and integrated into a consensus.