Fler översättningar i bab.las engelsk-svenska lexikon. When I sit at this table, I will ask you to approve what has been proposed. I am convinced that the competent social partners will reach an agreement. The right of exploitation may be granted by the Office in the absence of an agreement between the parties The CBAA consists of a framework agreement and a number of annexes, as indicated above. Together, we have reached a great agreement that I can recommend to you. On this last point, I see that we are in agreement. This information may not be disclosed without the consent of the author. Agreements must be approved by all national parliaments before they can be ratified. With the agreement of the rapporteur, I would like to present it to you.

You must have read the reports on the agreement between Russia and Germany, which surprised the world. We were therefore pleased to note during the conciliation procedure that most of Parliament`s amendments were agreed. The didactic nature of the communication would be reinforced by the political agreement enshrined in the Council resolution. (d) exchange rates and interest rate instruments, including products such as swaps, futures, etc. The parties shall regulate by mutual agreement all other consequences of denunciation. When these agreements were signed, there were companies in the electricity sector that did not benefit from a ECA. The written agreement also includes the other essential conditions of the contract. I have the honour to confirm my Government`s agreement with the foregoing. Det är med föredragandens samtycke som jag lägger fram detta för. Parterna ska i samförstånd reglera eventuellea övriga följder av uppsägningen. Det skriftliga avtalet skall vidare innehålla kontraktets övriga grundläggande avtalsvillkor. The political compromise that the Council resolution would bring should strengthen the educational qualities of communication.

I am convinced that the social partners concerned will reach an agreement. On the last point, we agree with me that we agree. A situation in which several parties share a point of view or a point of view We have made great efforts together and I am happy to recommend that you accept the proposal. The pact between Russia and Germany surprised the world. The licence can be granted by the Agency if the parties do not reach an agreement If we are back at the table, I will ask for your agreement on what has been proposed. These sentences come from external sources and may contain errors….