However, if the user is an educational institution. B, for example, is not limited to a school or university, and/or has acquired the software for educational purposes, the user recognizes that this CLA is not intended to be used for third-party software that can be integrated into the software. The user acknowledges that such use of third-party software is subject to a licensing agreement entered into by the User with the third party concerned. With respect to the use of the “FL Synthmaker” application, the user acknowledges and agrees to contact Outsim Ltd ( and enter into a separate licensing agreement with them for the use of its Synthmaker software for educational purposes. If the user does not have another license agreement signed by Image Line, the installation, use, use, reproduction, dissemination or modification of the software by the user means that the user accepts all the terms of this CAU. Not only do we forbid you to share your FL studio activation with friends, it`s a bad idea because you can`t control who they pass them on to. Think seriously, best friends, have other best friends, and you may not always be best friends with your best friend. Once your license is “out there,” it will spread quickly. We have seen cases of a license that ended up on the Internet in a few weeks, and 10,000 attempts to install after an account was closed. Different versions of FL Studio: FL Studio Windows 32 – 64 bits – You can install both versions with the same recording on all your computers, under the conditions above. FL Studio for macOS – This program can be installed on all Mac computers under the conditions shown above. The image-line support team students can receive the FL Studio trial version on for free for use on their PCs.

Students can also purchase individual training licenses from authorized FL Studio dealers. This ECJ contains the full agreement between the parties regarding the object and merges and replaces all agreements, orders, agreements and agreements, other or preconditions. Once completed, you will immediately return all copies (if they exist) of any software to IL. You cannot continue to use certain parts of the software under any circumstances and this license has not been terminated under any circumstances. The user can personally access this copy of the software via a network, provided that the user and anyone else who accesses that copy via the network have obtained a separate personal license, whether the software is used at different times or at the same time. Any use, even if not simultaneous, of a copy of the software by several people is strictly prohibited. This is not a license for simultaneous use. The user cannot resell, rent, lend, lend, lend, lend, lend, lend, lend, transfer, or use any other mechanism that allows someone other than the user to access software or a product that is the subject of the agreement. You`ll find an explanation of how this will benefit the user line and image line in