For more information, including specific requirements for each VCCS agreement, please visit the VCCS transmission page. Are you interested in a four-year university or university? Virginia colleges have guaranteed admissions agreements with more than 35 four-year public colleges and universities in Virginia. John Tyler Community College also has specific program agreements. See the full list below: Fax: 540.231.7268 USPS: Virginia Tech Undergraduate Admissions 925 Prices Fork Road Blacksburg, VA 24061 The use of our services does not give you ownership of the intellectual property rights to our services or to the content you can access. Search results from our services may contain copyrighted material and, if so, you can only use that content if you seek the owner`s permission or are authorized by law. Proofs can be provided at the time of application or students can contact the home specialist to create a secure link for students to transfer the documentation directly to their home application. Documents can also be sent by mail or fax, as indicated. Please note that using methods other than directly incorporating documents into your file may delay processing time for your residency application due to processing time. Students who meet these criteria, regardless of nationality or immigration status, are entitled to education in the state, except that students currently with current visas are less than 8 United States.

C are issued, are not eligible, with the exception of students currently having valid visas, which are less than 8 United States. C are exposed. Applicants under the age of 24 who are not married, who are not veterans, who do not have dependants and who were not in court before the age of 18 must prove that they are financially independent and that they are not primarily for educational purposes in the Commonwealth. The SCHEV transfer tool can be used to determine the portability of more than 60 courses frequently offered depending on the university or four-year university you wish to visit. If you are charged extra-government rates and extra-state fees are paid, you may not be entitled to a refund if you do not inform the Home Specialist for verification with Students and parents should inform the home specialist as soon as the non-state bill is processed. Students who submit retroactive change requests after the start of teaching must pay the non-government span until the classification is updated. Retrospective changes are subject to authorization; Students who are considered non-governmental as a result of such a retroactive application may apply to be reclassified for the next term.

Current or returning students who wish to apply for federal status should seek advice from an “independent student,” a student whose parents have waived the right to care, custody and income; Do not argue that they depend on the federal or federal income tax return; and have stopped providing them with significant financial support. Independent students include emancipated minors (SCHEV PDF S.3). Students, whether they are beginners or transfer applicants, usually apply for a state curriculum at the time of admission to university. Detailed instructions can be made on our website for your residence. Students who have applied for admission without applying for a state rate will find under the same link a PDF file of the application for the state rates.