Your group will only have the house when all the rental data has been completed, a contract has been sent, all tenants and guarantors have signed, all remaining redditains have been paid, and all identity papers for tenants and guarantors have been received. Then the owner will engage the property and you will be notified by email. For those who receive this letter and are unable to make this decision on rents, please share it with your landlords and, if possible, help you meet the needs of their tenants. We invite all of you to come together to take these steps to protect the well-being and financial hardship of our students during these difficult times, and we appreciate your friendly actions in these difficult times. If you don`t, the locks will be changed. The current minimum tax is £100, but this is subject to an upward change from Bill Smith, it`s exactly the same situation my son faces in Warwick. I contacted its owner, student nurseries, and they gave me a similar answer to yours. I told them that if they were not prepared to negotiate a reasonable agreement, I would see them in court. Another unfortunate aspect is that the lease lasted 52 weeks. This included 3 months from the summer of 2019, when the university was not at the meeting and he was at home. I accept that I took the lease knowing that we would pay 12 months if he only had the six-month benefit.

It is a greedy fate. The property is still available to live and that hasn`t changed. If the tenant has chosen not to reside in the accommodation, it is the choice of the students. Most students in residence have a temporary contract.