Be sure to read Sunrun`s comments on before making a decision. While you`re at it, take a look at our assessment of Vivint Solar, another major solar leasing/PPAs provider in the United States. Unlike Vivint Solar, there is no pending action against Sunrun as we know it, but the complaints about about Vivint Solar and Sunrun are similar. If you move, some leasing companies have the option of moving a system from one house to another. Before you start this process, make sure the new roof is in good condition to support a solar system on the roof safely. Many solar leasing contracts have a provision for the transfer of a system from one house to another, plus additional costs for the removal and relocation of the solar installation. Remember that you need permission from your utility, the local government commission or the homeowners association to install a solar installation on a new roof. More than 30 per cent of EnergySage users already had an offer from a solar company at the time of registration. Owners who already have Sunrun offers in hand are encouraged to join them and compare their Sunrun offerings with competing offers from local solar installers on EnergySage. With a prepaid lease, instead of monthly payments, you pay the full rental amount in one go. This type of unique leasing is also common in car leasing. The advantage is that you usually pay less than the monthly rental fee. But it`s even better — you also get the extra energy that your system produces.

We do not charge for this additional performance like some companies. We also guarantee to insure your roof and that it will remain waterproof for 10 years. Click here to learn more about our solar warranties. If you haven`t installed your solar installation yet, you may still be able to terminate your lease. The leases of SunRun, Vivint or other third parties offer a short period of time during which you can terminate the contract without penalty. This time frame may vary from one leasing company to another, but you can expect it to be about 30 days after signing a contract. You can`t cancel or delete the device. If you don`t want to take over the lease, take it from more than a quarter of a million households that have already gone with Sunrun solar. Read the comments. Solar Lease: You pay a fixed monthly amount to use the energy produced by the solar installation on your roof. If you go to, you get a breakdown of the 4 different solar payment plans.