Always document what you agree with your client. You can use one of the rent reduction models mentioned above as a guide. Don`t forget to consult a legal expert if you have any doubts about your particular situation. If the lessor only proposes a rent deferral or a contract in which he does not have to make repairs or if you waive a right to compensation, you should register with Consumer Affairs Victoria. The letter lists temporary plans that may take the form of a rent reduction or a rent suspension (or a combination of both). Warning: I am not a lawyer and every situation is unique. They are not a substitute for legal aid. These are supposed to be just a guide and help you protect yourself if you decide to offer rent relief to your tenant. Tenants in need should not accept rent deferrals. A rent reduction ends on the date set in your contract. If you want an extension, you must obtain a clear written agreement that extends the original lease to a new date.

If you are ready, contact your landlord or property manager to request a rent reduction. That is because you do not want to set a precedent that can be used against you later in court. In the strictest countries, your current allocations can actually create a new agreement that you did not want to enter. Be careful. As a result of the current COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, many people are unemployed or in otherwise less stable jobs. As a result, many tenants are struggling to pay rent. A landlord can use this letter to reach an agreement with his tenants, to change the rent so that it is more manageable and realistic in the economic environment we face. Here are a few things to remember if you decide to allocate rent for a tenant.

If a dispute settlement order expires and tenants continue to experience financial difficulties, tenants should contact their landlord or property manager to apply for a new tenancy agreement. A reduction in rent is permanent and cannot be reinstated if a new agreement is reached between the parties at a lower rent due to market conditions. For example, the landlord agrees to reduce the tenant`s rent because an empty comparable unit is offered at a lower rent than the tenant. As a general rule, you don`t want your tenant to send that you allocate their rent to other tenants. Their decision to grant rental facilities is based on their particular case. Insert a statement that you cannot disclose the terms of your agreement with others. This letter, in which the tenant is temporarily rented, registers the landlord`s agreement to change the terms of payment of a tenancy agreement for a specified period. The letter is designed for a transitional period of up to six months and is generally used where the tenant is in difficulty and temporarily unable to pay the full rent. The first drawback is that your tenant may not be able to refund you the extra rent on the rest of the lease. This is because many tenants already pay almost part of their income in rent. In the example above, the $514 surcharge increases these monthly rental fees to about 43%.

This may be too high for some tenants and I allow them to later be late in payment. Important: You don`t have to accept that your rent is delayed/deferred instead of being reduced if it doesn`t match your financial situation.