Although this document is not necessary, it can have serious consequences for the fact that no documents are available and used. The two most important consequences are the lack of funds and discrepancies between shareholders and/or directors, which are not easy to resolve. These problems are both serious and can affect businesses very strongly if they are not treated properly. Instead of achieving the objectives, the creation of a shareholder contract will reduce the problems and the risk of divergence in the final stretch. If there is disagreement at a later stage, the agreement will be something to which all shareholders and directors can be maintained, so that there will be no legal consequences in the absence of a formal agreement. In the shareholder contract, shareholders may agree to limit the processing of shares when a shareholder wishes to leave the company. (i) Any shareholder who plans to transfer shares first proposes these shares at the purchase value, as defined below by the company for a period of days, and then, to the extent that such an offer is rejected or not accepted by the company within that time, these shares have been put up for sale at the purchase value of all other shareholders in proportion to the number of such shares they hold, during a period of `Days`. Each of these offers must be made in writing and indicate the number of proposed shares, the name and address of each person proposed for the transfer, as well as the price per share and other conditions under which any transfer in accordance with the transfer must take place; and any such offer may be accepted in whole or in part by the Offeree at any time while the offer is pursued. If the shares are not acquired in accordance with the above offers, the offeror is free to transfer those shares to the person or designated person at the price per share and other conditions above for a period of ______jours after provided that such an purchaser of those shares is subsequently bound to all the provisions of this agreement.