An IAP can be agreed at an early stage as part of the bankruptcy proceedings, since the official beneficiary of the bankruptcy can establish the agreement and begin the recovery of payments under the agreement if he is a trustee and director before an agent is appointed. The legislation provides that the IAP is agreed between the liquidator and the official liquidator or between the liquidator and the agent. If you stop or reduce payments without first contacting the official recipient and counsel, there is a risk that further legal action will be taken to recover payments you missed. In addition, you may be asked to pay extra when you work because your income tax stops the rest of the year and does not restart until next April. But you can`t maintain the tax – you also have to pay it to the official beneficiary. Following a bankruptcy application, a liquidator must attempt to maximize the achievements for creditors. You`re going to look at your excess income to do it. When you are interviewed by the official beneficiary, you are asked to complete an income and expense form in which you specify your monthly expenses. If surpluses are available after verification, you must pay 36 months per month as a contribution to your bankruptcy mass. If you are declared bankrupt following a bankruptcy application, a liquidator will be required to get the best result for your creditors. If you have excess income, it means you have to enter into a payment agreement. This article explains what an income payment agreement is, how the calculations are made, what happens if you don`t agree with the calculations, and how the bankrupt agent can apply for a payment order if you don`t cooperate. The agent will consider the change in circumstances and decide whether to change your IPA or IPO.

Depending on the change in circumstances, the PPI or IPO may be suspended, payments may be increased or you may be asked to pay a portion of the package. If the agent is not willing to change the amount, you can ask the court to order that it be changed. (f) An IAP may be amended by a written agreement, but the duration of the agreement cannot be extended beyond three years from the date the agreement enters into force (for more information on the amendment of the PPI, see Part 7). People with only one source of income are not required to create an PPI. An assessment is made based on whether you have at least $20 of disposable income per month. This takes into account the payment of your daily cost of living and your family bills. “Income Payment Agreements and Income Payment Orders” – by the Insolvency Service All payments you receive must be considered income, including benefits or tax credits and pension payments. If you live with a partner, your income must also be disclosed, as it is supposed to contribute to budgetary expenses, and these details must be detailed. The law allows your trustee to apply to a court for an order that would lead you to make regular payments to the mass of bankruptcy. This is called the Income Payments Order (IPO). The agent or the official beneficiary will do their best to agree on the amount to be paid, but if there is no agreement, they will instead request an IPO.