As a result of the Selma voting rights march was that the 6th. John F. Kennedy. Voting Rights Act 1965. After successfully capturing Austria in Germany in March 1938, Adolf Hitler looked forward to Czechoslovakia, where about three million people were of German descent in the Sudetenland. In April, he discussed with Wilhelm Keitel, head of the high command of the Bundeswehr, the political and military aspects of Case Green, the code name for the Sudetenland acquisition project. A surprising rush of “clear skies without any cause or justification” was rejected, as the result would have been “a hostile opinion of the world that could lead to a critical situation”. Decisive action would therefore take place only after a period of political turmoil on the part of the Germans within Czechoslovakia, accompanied by diplomatic quarrels which, if they became more serious, would be either an apology for the war or grounds for a blitz after an “incident” of German creation. In addition, disruptive political activities had been under way in Czechoslovakia since October 1933, when Konrad Henlein founded the German Sudetenland Internal Front.

The success of the RRD is the result of a combination of top-down approaches, institutional change and bottom-up, local and community strategies. DRM programmes should not be self-sustaining, but integrated into development planning and practice, as disasters are an indicator of development failure or distortion, unsustainable economic and social processes, and poorly adapted societies (UNISDR, 2009b, 2011, 2013 and 2015a). Approaches should target different layers of risk (from intense risks to significant risks), the underlying risk determinants, and be tailored to local contexts. There is no “one-for-all” approach to MRDs, but there are a number of approaches and framework conditions that have been implemented effectively to reduce the risk of disaster. But before we can reduce risk, we need to understand the dangers and the exposure and vulnerability of people and assets to these hazards. In mid-September, Chamberlain offered to go to Hitler`s exercises in Berchtesgaden to discuss the situation personally with the Fuhrer. Hitler agreed not to take military action without further discussion and Chamberlain agreed to convince his cabinet and the French to accept the results of a referendum in the Sudetenland. Daladier and his Foreign Minister, Georges-Etienne Bonnet, then went to London, where a joint proposal was drawn up for all regions with more than 50% Sudeten Germans to be transferred to Germany. Czechoslovakians were not consulted. The Czechoslovakian government initially rejected the proposal, but had to adopt it on 21 September.

Lyndon B. Johnson introduced voting rights in a speech before a joint meeting of Congress. One of the results of Selma`s election marches was that support for the right to vote has increased. The Right to Vote Act prohibits Americans from voting based on their color. One of the results of Selma`s real election marches was that – few Americans felt their effect – support for the vote, As the result of Selma`s right-to-vote marches was that, a result of Selma`s right-to-vote marches was that, Selma Voting Rights` campaign had the same goal as civil rights actions? This was one of the results of the Voting Rights Act 1965.